What kind of features the Facebook Store has? How to take advantage of your Facebook shop by Shopify? What’s in for the Shopify online sellers?


Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms for online sellers and recently has announced integration with Facebook. The online sellers can add one sales channel to promote and sell their products online. Shopify Facebook integration makes it super easy for all Facebook fans to shop directly from your Facebook business page which offers them a lot of convenience.

Shopify has a Facebook app (you can find this app in the Shopify App Store) you can use to integrate your Shopify store with a Facebook page. This is the simplest way to integrate your store.

Let’s see what features the Facebook Store has:

  • Like Gating: The Shopify Facebook store support the concept of like gating. In order words, a user has to like your page to access your products. This is an opportunity for you to reach out to new fans and potential buyers.
  • Customizable Tab: Many Shopify sellers have made Facebook pages to attract new customers. Shopify can add a customizable tab to your Facebook page and give your potential customers the benefit of searching the products they like.
  • Google Analytics: Shopify Facebook store supports the use of Google Analytics. By using this tool, you can discover how your store is performing by giving your visitors information such as bounce rate, click rate, the total number of visitors, repeat visitors, unique visitors, and more.

When running a Facebook shop by Shopify, what’s in for Shopify sellers?

  • Social media presence can help you improve brand awareness, as well as, product spread.
  • Selling on Facebook is fun and convenient for you and your customers as there is no need for the customer to leave your website to shop for your products. The Facebook user can purchase your Shopify products directly from Facebook.
  • Using Facebook ads and marketing tools can help you create a targeted and better outreach to different customers depending on their interests, tastes, and likes. The best part is that you will get excellent results and good value for your advertising efforts on the Facebook platform because of the specific targeting option it allows.

Running a Facebook shop by Shopify comes with numerous benefits. Create your Facebook shop and start selling your products to customers from all over the world!

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